Does Adrenaline Rush Invited by Traffic Jam Challenge Your Health? Top Secrets Revealed For You.


Do you live in a city?

Do you face traffic jam daily?

Do you reach office late due to traffic jam?

Is traffic jam decreasing your work efficiency?

Do you feel stressed due to traffic jam?

If you feel concerned for all these questions, this post is exclusively for you.

Hey Readers, I am Dr. Rajeev Kharb living in a metropolitan city in India and idea of writing this post came into my mind while I was driving my car in a heavy traffic jam.

I was feeling extremely tensed inside the car and when I came back home, I started writing this article.

It is my own experience which I have faced and therefore, I think I can feel the issues of working people as well common man driving on roads daily in the heavy traffic jams.

Through this post I will share my experiences, observations, issues, problems and impact on health due to traffic jam in my own unique way so that you will feel connected with this post while reading.

I am also going to discuss what can be done to overcome the stress and bad health issues related to traffic jams. I would also like that you please comment and share your experience also.

So let us go and start our ride for this article.

Hope you will enjoy, learn and may experience better when next time you hit the road.

Why is problem of traffic jam so big and everlasting?

People come from villages to city and then they get settled there because of better career prospective and to fulfil their dreams.

People think that they can live a quality life and better education for their kids. If I talk about my city Delhi NCR, every year thousands of new people are added into population and they get settled here after some time.

This puts extra burden on the traffic management of the city making this problem big on large canvas. So, it is unavoidable and you can never expect that you are driving the car without traffic in the city.

How does traffic jam decline your working efficiency?

There are many working people who drive for long hours may be 2-3 hours to reach to their workplace which is very exhausting and when they reach office, they are already tired.

They have to work in the office for long hours and then they come back home after driving for long hours again. This is their daily routine.

But fact is that such people have lower working efficiency in the office and also they cannot think in creative and innovative manner as their energy is already drained.

They further feel stressed because they are not meeting the deadlines for tasks in timely manner.

Ultimately their performance is affected badly and they do not get better salary and promotion and therefore their career is compromised at last.

How does Adrenaline rush affect your health?

Adrenaline hormone is secreted in our in case of stress induced by various conditions in life like fear, fight, flight, and interestingly traffic jam also.

Whenever we are stuck in the traffic jam, it triggers the release of adrenaline hormone. Adrenaline hormone induces release of more glucose in the blood stream as we need extra energy in case of stress. This is the way by which body manages the stress conditions.

If we are mostly in stress conditions like people driving in traffic jams daily, it can result into release of adrenaline continuously that can invite many health issues.

Adrenaline badly affects kidneys so kidney health is challenged in long run.

Also people who drive daily for long hours feel that their behavior is being changed. They start feeling anxiety, lack of sleep and arrogant.

When they come back home they may behave rudely even at home with their family.

Therefore, heavy adrenaline rush in long run can damage your personal as well as professional life with poor health conditions.

Traffic jams are resulting in road rage cases   

One of the most dangerous effect of traffic jams is increase in road rage cases. In traffic jams if people hit each other vehicles by mistake, in some cases they behavior may be so rude and angry that they may even kill anybody on road.

Road rages are the result of traffic jams and this is very hard reality. Therefore, it is urgently required that people should drive carefully and avoid to express extreme behavior on road.

It is against humanity also and making the roads unsafe as anything may happen on road.  

What should we do to avoid traffic jam impact on our life?

Time management: Please manage your time and leave for office early as per the distance of your workplace. Try to reach at least 10 minutes early of start of your office hours.

Develop the habit of getting up early in the morning so that you have sufficient time to get ready and reach your office before time.

Use car pool or public transport:       

We can do car-pooling or use public transport systems such as bus, train so that number of vehicles coming on road will be lesser and therefore it can help to reduce traffic jam.

People who are going for a common destination like office should go for car-pooling. It will not only save petrol, diesel, and money but also save their energy which was used for driving.

Do exercise and meditation to keep your mind and body fit

We know that mind and body health is very important to do whatever is essential for us on daily basis.

People who practice meditation, yoga, walking, running and exercise remain healthy and they can take up the stress situations in life with better mind-set and body strength.

In case of driving for long hours and traffic jams if you are fit by mind and body, you can handle the different road conditions with more energy and a cool state of mind.

So let us keep our mind, body and soul healthy and enjoy driving.


We are living in a very fast moving world and nobody is having time to wait on road in traffic jams.

People want to reach their destinations faster but road conditions may not be favorable for them and sometimes troublesome situations on road may arise including road rage other than traffic jams.

Traffic jams have harmful effects on our body as they create stress conditions for the travelers. We should try to manage our time so that we reach to our destinations before time to avoid stress conditions and traffic jams.

Let us be healthy by mind, body and soul for happy driving and safe journey on road.

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