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Health Educator 4 U: Start of Journey for Healthy and Happy Life

Dear Friends,

I welcome you all to my blog Health Educator 4 U with a mission to help people enjoy good health. As we all are aware that in this fastmoving world, we face many challenges on the daily basis in relationships, job profiles and remain busy in maintaining balance between personal and professional life. Altogether, this situation produces a lot of stress in our lives which can be seen easily around us. People are working day and night in this competitive world for their livelihood. They have no time for taking good care of them which can lead to many lifestyle related diseases like diabetes, hypertension, anxiety, depression, insomnia and many more. Now a days a new type of disease is also coming into picture which is occupational health disease by virtue of job.

You may agree with me in saying that health is the real wealth as if we are healthy then we can enjoy the luxury of life also otherwise it’s all waste. When we say health it means holistic health including physical, mental and spiritual health for enjoying the life to fullest. We have seen many people who are most successful professionals in their life but they have compromised their health over work. I mean to say that we should organize our life in such a way that we should follow our passion while selecting a job and find some time for doing the things which are needed for a good health.

People do not have time now a days as they are busy in multiple roles and responsibilities in their life. They want easy going and quick solutions for every problem. When the health is compromised, then they start looking for the options to become healthy again. As we know that internet has become a valuable source to search for everything we need and we remain connected globally on this virtual platform. Keeping this thing in my mind, I decided to start my blog “Health Educator 4 U” to share my views, instructions and advises in journey towards good health.

I am Dr. Rajeev Kharb, presently working as Associate Professor at university level and having 17 years of experience in teaching, publications and article writing and having expertise in health-related matters. I think that if I have knowledge in this area, then I should share it with others via my blog in the best interest of the people. So, this has been my mission and objective of starting my blog.

I will cover many topics which are related with how to maintain a good health. Such topics I will take up from the day-to-day life health challenges and by making small changes in our life style, how can we come out of the health troubles. It is the need of the hour to do so. We have seen in the COVID-19 outbreak that health of the people has become the highest priority in their life. Now, people are becoming more aware to lead a healthy and happy life. So there will always be a need of health educators in the society who can help people for their health related queries and I would like to be one of them. I need your continuous support by reading my blogs and comments also so that I will be able to improve it and provide you the most genuine health tips. I will post on my blogs after doing a proper literature search and provide the updated information to my reading community. I also invite the healthcare professionals to share their views by discussion for betterment of my blog.

I wish all of you a very healthy and happy life ahead.

Thanks & Best Wishes

Keep Smiling and Be Happy Always

Dr. Rajeev Kharb