Most Awaited Message for Employee: Salary is Credited. What is Your Feeling? Any Health Effects?


Do you wait desperately for message: salary is credited?

Are your EMI, credit card bills waiting for your salary?

Are you an employee?

If you are concerned about your monthly budgets, this post is written for you.

Working professionals in different organizations are always under very high pressure of completing the assignments given to them on daily basis. They have to work day and night to achieve targets to maintain their position.

They constantly working hard and sometimes bound to do the things which they do not want to do.

All this they do for one reason that is salary.

Through this article I will take you through what employee feels when salary is credited, what are the feelings and emotions attached with it as well health effects if any.

I hope you will like this post and you may associate it with you by one way or other.

So Let us start. Here we go.

People working in different area in which they are not interested

There are many people who are working in the area in which they are least interested, this is because they have to make their livelihood. Their family is dependent on them and they are depending on salary.

My point is you should work in the area of your interest so that you can achieve higher success in your professional life which you deserve.

So think of it and decide as it is now or never in your life.       

Employee are dependent on salary for everything

An employee gets a fixed monthly salary. They are depending on salary for paying their EMI, credit card bills, home loans, tuition fees, household expenditures and almost everything.

Inflation rate is going higher and higher, it makes difficult to maintain the monthly budget in this so called expensive world.

So, to fulfill of our dreams even we are waiting for salary.

People have different emotions and feelings when salary is credited

People express different emotions and feeling when salary is credited.

People who get increment in salary become extremely happy and motivated. They feel on the top of the world. But there are few people in this category as number of good organizations and positions are less and aspiring candidates are in huge numbers.

People waiting but did not increment in salary become sad and demotivated. Sometimes, they may think that they are the most unlucky people in the world. Although they were promised for salary hikes but eventually they don’t get that. We had faced this situation in COVID-19 pandemic times as people found it hard to save their jobs.

There are many people whose salary is deducted because of any reasons like reporting late in office, availing higher number of leaves, performance. Such people have a deep feeling of sadness and low morale as they will not able to do whatever they had planned with their coming salary.

It is like a punishment for the employees and they are the sufferers. Ultimately such people cannot work efficiently and overall performance of the organization is also declined.

What are the effects on health?

People when get their salary credited, feel differently as discussed. There are many people who are under paid but still working very hard to fulfill their daily needs. They do not have enough money to buy a house, give their kids quality education and therefore struggling for quality life.

In such difficult situation, they get demoralized and start suffering from many health disorders especially mental health is heavily disturbed. They can become patients of depression, anxiety, sleeping disorders. They start feeling disappointed and they live life with heavy heart.

People who are already patients of blood pressure or diabetes experience greater health hazards if they are underpaid. They even do not have money spared for their treatment and daily medicines. This is very serious concern.

In extreme cases, they might think of committing suicide which is dangerous for their life. In this situation, they should consult doctors.

What can be done if you are underpaid?             

Change your job: You can change your job and join an organization which can pay you better. But many people face difficulty in changing their location. They do not come out of their comfort zone.

But it is important that you should be at right place and also at right time. Work in the organization where you can showcase your skills better and you are properly rewarded for your hard work.

Lear new skill and update: We are living in the ever changing world. Technology is being upgraded day and night and the virtual world is emerging at very fast rate.

Workplaces have also become very challenging and demanding with time. You have to keep on learning new things with time so that you not only maintain your position but also excel in that.

Start your own venture/entrepreneurship:  If have strong willpower of being your own boss, you can become an entrepreneur. Identify your hidden potential, explore your talent, sharpen your skills, and invest some time and money to start your own business.

This can generate a huge profit for you if you are successful. By this way you become not only self-dependent but also give jobs to others who are unemployed.

Organization should help their employees: If organizations have to grow well in future, they need to work on improving the salary and working environment for their employees. Because no organization can progress if its employee are underpaid and unhappy.


So, it is commonly observed that irrespective of whatever your salary is and how much is your monthly expenditure, we have got emotions and feelings always attached to it. Not only emotions, it may affect to our health as well.

Such emotion and feelings are very interesting and different among people.

At last, I conclude with these lines.

What is your emotion?

What is your feeling?

Don’t worry. I am not asking your salary.

Message: Your salary is credited

Waiting for your comment, reply.

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