Sometimes Yes….Sometimes No…..Both are Important in Life for Good Emotional Health

Hello Friends!

Dare to say NO in Personal/Professional Life….Sometimes it is MUST…..Always YES BOSS is very Risky…Do You Take Care?

If No then this post is exclusively for you.

I know that many of you may think that I have lost my control that i am talking this way on a public platform. But i feel that most of us face such situations in our life but we are afraid of accepting that we are sufferers of being always yes/yes boss in our personal/professional life.

This is virtual world now a days. People have dual characters and they never reveal their identity to the world. They are very good when it comes to responding on social media but when we meet them personally, then they are entirely different person.

We never say no for anything in relationships and in professional life because we feel that people may get hurt by our reply. But the reality is that such people do not deserve your loyality and start taking it as our weakness.

Now what are the end results:

People forget your sacrifices very easily.

People consider your humble behavior as your weakness.

After some time you become useless for them as they have fullfilled their motto.

At last you feel that you stand no where and simply wasted your time and energy.

Take home message:

It is your life….compromise to a limit before you break

Develop the habit of saying NO if your soul does not allow you to say YES.

Stay away from opportunistic and negative people…they are there to drain your energy….

Love your Life and Be Happy Always….

Waiting for your comments…if you dare to……


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