What Makes You Feeling Bored in Your Life? Do You Know How to Make Your Life Interesting?


Feeling bored is the state of mind. It is quite obvious to sometimes feel bored because of many reasons. When we feel boring, we do not want to do anything and we lose interest in doing creative or innovative tasks. Because of this, we start suffering at home and work place and our efficiency is reduced day by day. It not only affects our personal relationships but also our professional life.

We are living in a fast moving world with a lot of challenges which we face on daily basis. Many times, we try to achieve success in our life but we are not capable of giving our best in every situation. We start giving up to the tough situations in life. We can only succeed in our life if we have good physical and mental health. Even I think that mental health is considered more important because if we are mentally strong then we can even conquer the physical weakness and do the miracles.

Human brain is the most difficult thing in the world to understand. We as human beings experience many sentiments like boredom, love, hate, anger, anxiety, depression etc. which affect the normal functioning of our brain.

This article has summarized some vital information on different aspects of boredom and how to overcome boredom with some simple steps for living your life with full enthusiasm. It will help to understand that why we feel bored and also how to make our life interesting for the healthier and happier life.

Reasons for Boredom

There are several reasons for boredom which are explained as given below. You can identify your own reasons out of these to improve your quality of life.

1. Repetition of the Daily Tasks

I have found people getting bored and saying that they are doing the repetitive work in their daily routine in personal and professional life. For examples house wives are feeling bored as they stay at home and do the house hold tasks on daily basis and fulfill their family responsibilities. Nothing new happens in their life and they feel that their morale is down and their self-confidence is also not up to the mark. It makes them feeling very angry and highly disappointed and they start suffering from anxiety and depression if not given emotional support by the family members.

2. Lack of Innovation and Creativity

If we are not doing the tasks that have innovation and creativity then it is possible that we may feel bored. Sometimes the nature of job is such that it does not offer any challenges to employees so they do not develop their skills accordingly. After sometime, it can affect their productivity and enthusiasm at work place.

3. Inability to Decide What to Do

Some people are not able to decide what to do in their life. They have no clear cut goals and they just roam here and there. Although they have a lot of energy but they have no direction to work. So very soon they get frustrated and start feeling bore.

4. Lack of Motivation

As we know that motivation is of two types internal and external motivation. People who are internally motivated feel energetic and they have targeted approach towards life where as in case of externally motivated people, they get bored as soon as source of motivation is not there in their life.

5. Not having Big Aims in Life

It is very important to have some big aim in life and we should try to achieve the same. This will keep the momentum in the life and people will be busy with constructive thought process. But many people have no aims in their life and they have feeling of being useless. So aim high and try to remain away from boredom in day to day life.

6. Negative Attitude towards Life

There are some people who think in a negative way. They only remember unhappy incidents. They always complain of the things around them. If they are given certain tasks to do, they do not perform well and report that they are feeling bored. So negative minded people feel boredom more.

7. No Adventure in Life

Not having any adventure in life can also invite boredom in many cases. People who do not visit different places and do not go for outdoor activities mostly stay at home only. They resist to go outside and take up challenges ultimately feel boredom.

How to Identify People having Boredom

People who suffer from boredom can be easily identified based on their expressions. There are some characteristics which are common to them. Let us understand signs of boredom among people.

  1. Having no interest in any work
  2. Lethargic nature
  3. Loneliness
  4. Sad behavior
  5. Stay away from social gatherings
  6. Feel exhausted and saturated

What are the ways to make your Life Interesting?

 As of now, it is very clear that one should stay away from boredom and make the life better and happier to enjoy it. So let us discuss what should we do to make our life interesting. There are some tips given below.

  1. Read good books

Reading good books motivates us to live a healthy and happly life. There are many books which are available in market and online that can be purchased. Some success stories, biographies of great people can be helpful to uplift morale and keep us in high spirits.

2. Do regular exercise

Regular exercise keeps our body fit. It keeps us away from diseases. We can go for morning or evening walk as per the availability of time. It keeps us in daily healthy routine.

3. Eat balance diet

Eating balance diet having carbohydrates, fat and proteins is good for healthy living. So we should prepare a weekly food chart and strictly follow the same.

4. Do some social work

We should do something for the underprivileged people. This gives us feeling of satisfaction in life. So, if we are capable we should do something in the best interest of society and humanity.

5. Take a break from work

Sometimes it is important to go on vacations and take a break from busy lifestyle and work. People who are living in metropolitan cities are always under high stress so they should find some leisure time for them.

6. Manage your time

Time management in life is very important to do the day to day work with full efficiency. It keeps our life well managed and planned. This keeps us organized and focused in life.

7. Make good friends

Good friends in life are very important as we can freely share our feelings with them. This helps us to fight with stress, anxiety and depression. So, make good friends and be happy.

8. Listen to music

Listening good music is a brain tonic and positive vibrations which is important for mind, body and soul. So sit, relax and enjoy music.

9. Diary writing

Dairy writing keeps us engaged in compiling our day to day activities in life. We can improve our thought process by doing this. It can help us to do self-analysis also to understand about our strength, weakness, threat and opportunities.

10. Develop some hobbies

We should have some hobbies like gardening, playing music, singing etc. to avoid monotony in life.Visit to new places

11. Do meditation and yoga

12. Talk to your loved ones

13. Stay away from overuse of mobile and social media

14. Give some time for self-realization

15. Forget worries and live in present

16. Believe in God

17. Feel the nature

18. Play game

19. Stay away from addiction

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